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Tube Ice

Tube Ice, also known as PURE ICE, is a cylindrical ice we produce for commercial purposes in both edible forms.  Suitable for cooling drinks and requiring minimal raw materials, but remaining cold and maintaining full volume in the glass. Due to its clean, impurity-free composition, Tube Ice is a better choice than water in terms of quality. A good choice for drinks that need to cool quickly without compromising taste (drinks that need to cool quickly without changing flavour). Ice of this size is more durable and does not melt quickly. Through our great service and high-quality tube ice, we have been well recognized for our great service and fast availability of tube ice.

Our designers have thought about it a lot, so you don’t need to worry about anything but the size of your bag. Water purification, long-lasting cubes, optimal shape, and weight capacity of your picnic cooler have all been considered. By taking those ideas and putting them into practice, we are able to provide you with the best-packaged ice cube. Whatever your needs are, Bissan can provide you with the right size bag of high-quality ice cubes.


Block Ice

An ice block has a rectangular shape. Bissan produces non-food grade ice blocks that can be used for a variety of purposes. It is primarily used for construction. After it is produced, ice serves a variety of other purposes. As a result of hydration, a lot of exothermic chemical reactions take place, which results in heat being released. With large-pour projects, temperatures can easily exceed 200 degrees F due to rapid temperature rises. As a result, block ice helps to maintain the temperature of the cement that is used in construction. Block ice products are popular with construction and ready-mix companies.

In order to ensure the highest quality, Bissan designs each concrete cooling system. The system will have each component individually designed and manufactured to ensure that it is suitable for each application and its intended use at all times. Due to our extensive experience in commercial ice makers and industrial projects, our team knows how to deliver outstanding concrete cooling systems to large-pour clients, including the need for strength, durability, safety, and expertise.

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Crushed Ice

Keeping seafood and poultry fresh is our main purpose for producing crushed ice. To keep seafood products fresh and tasty, a worker in the seafood industry must preserve and refrigerate supplies that are caught and packaged on one side of the country and transported quickly to other parts. These unique circumstances must be taken into account when choosing refrigeration services for seafood businesses. It is essential that you take a look at the logistical challenges you face when you choose a refrigeration service to ensure that seafood stays cold and edible for global consumers. In order to ensure that the fish provides the best meal possible, it must be kept on ice and handled carefully.

To meet appropriate regulations and maintain high food safety standards, Bissan manufactures robust products for the meat and poultry industries, starting with slaughter and continuing up to the point of final sale. The process begins with special chillers that maintain a cold temperature early in the process so flake ice will be used in retail display cases along with other similar products. Weigh hoppers are equipped with a right-hand discharge screw and a left-hand discharge screw when they reach the desired weight. Our fabrication services are of the highest quality. The modular approach takes into account reliability, efficiency, cost effectiveness, and quality assurance. Whether the job is big or small, we have the best manufacturing facilities on hand to handle it.

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